Welcome To QuickSumo Pest Control. Our goal is to be the best pest control company in McKinney. We serve all of Collin County and surrounding areas.

What do Sumo wrestlers have to do with pest control? Not much other than if you’re a bug would you really want a 600 lb. Sumo coming after you? I don’t think so.

License # 0724319


Our view on pest control is pest annihilation. At QuickSumo Pest Control, we offer a variety of services including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control services.

Our technicians are all trained and certified, and our pest control program was developed by our own board-certified entomologist – so we’re backed by pretty fancy science.

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License # 0724319


Our general pest control program is specially designed to offer the most adequate support against the risk of unwanted pests like house ants and bees, rodents such as mice and rats, fleas and ticks, and other equally unwanted house guests. Our experts arrive with the most cutting-edge products available to control pests. We are so sure that you will be completely happy with these preeminent results that we back our products and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


John & Diane Hopewell, owners
Josh & Jeni Hopewell, owners