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Removing Crickets from Your Home or Business

The melody of crickets gently serenading across a rural area on a warm summer evening evokes idyllic scenes. When these rural pests invade your home or business en masse, however, they turn the setting into something out of our worst nightmares. Due to unseasonably low temperatures in Northern Texas, that is the case for many home and business owners.

Have you observed:

  • Swarms of black crickets around your home?
  • Crickets covering the outside walls of your business?
  • Louder than usual evening cricket symphonies?
  • Piles of dead crickets or the odor associated with their corpses?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then it’s possible your home or business has been invaded by crickets. Call our office now at (469) 208-4393 to schedule an appointment for our experts to come out and protect your home or business from the damage caused by these pests.

There are two primary types of crickets – house crickets and field crickets. House crickets are the small brown variety that pet stores sell as reptile food. Field crickets, on the other hand, are the larger black ones that swarm across Northern Texas in great numbers to reproduce.

Our eco-friendly pest removal programs are safe, not only for humans but also for pets. We create very little disturbance around your home or business so you can go on with your daily routine as planned. Our programs are designed to eliminate pests from both inside and around the perimeter of your home or business.

While the crickets may eventually move on or die out, leaving piles of rotting carcasses that produce an unbearable stench, keep in mind that a single female field cricket can lay as many as 400 eggs in a single season. Leaving your property untreated is like inviting a second generation of a larger swarm of pests to come back and do more damage.

The best way to get rid of the crickets around your business or home is to eliminate the current ones with a combination of lowering outdoor light usage at night and insecticides. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve this and restore your peace of mind.

What Kind of Damage Can Crickets Do Inside My Home or Business?

Field crickets tend to stick outdoors, but when they accidentally invade your home or business the results can be disastrous. The unwanted pests can cause damage to fabrics, such as curtains, wall coverings, and clothing due to staining from vomit, feeding activities, or excrement. Field crickets have also been known to feed on soiled clothing as well.

Trust the professionals to get rid of your cricket problem. Contact us at (469) 208-4393 for more information.

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