Surprisingly Effective Mouse Trap Baits

Mouse traps have been around for a very long time now, and for the most part, they’ve been effective at ridding your home of pesky mice. But it goes without saying that your trap is just as good as your bait. Even the best mouse traps won’t be able to catch a single mouse without the right bait. The right bait will effectively draw in those pesky pests so that you can deliver the final killing or catching blow.

But how do you pick the right bait for a mousetrap? Do you simply go the stereotypical route of placing cheese—under the assumption that all mice like them? You’d be surprised at how you can use a variety of goods to effectively attract mice.

Why Is This Important?

Different types of bait have different characteristics. Some can be easier to apply, cheaper to buy, and can be more effective than what’s always been the norm. There are some baits that can easily be ignored by mice. Other may even attract other animals! Considering all of this, it’s easy to see why picking the right type of bait is so important.

Here are a few types of bait that you should probably consider:

Peanut Butter – Contrary to popular belief, cheese isn’t the most effective food for baiting mice. Peanut butter takes the top spot. Mice find the distinct smell of peanut butter very appealing. What’s more is that they can actually smell it, while it’s still a good distance away. You just need to place a good amount of peanut butter on the trap and you’re all set.

Pet Food – Want to make use of your pet’s leftovers? Trying using them as bait for mice. Your cats and dogs love pet food, so it’s not too far off to imagine that some crafty and cunning mice will love it too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of pet food for your traps.

Strong-Smelling Cheese – Although it’s been dethroned by peanut butter, the humble cheese is still great for drawing in mice. However, what most homeowners fail to consider is that mice are attracted to pungent odor, and when cheese starts to spoil, the smell is out of this world. Try putting some moldy cheese to grab the mouse’s attention!

Take note that nowadays, it’s ideal that you use non-lethal mousetraps. Not only are they more humane—it’s also safer and easier to apply your bait of choice. Don’t be afraid to mix up baits. Different rodents have different preferences, so it’s best not to stick to one.