Diversify Your Fauna: How Other Animals Can Keep Pests Out

Have you ever considered unconventional methods to prevent pests from invading your abode? You could allow other animals into your property to get rid of invasive species that threaten your home! After all, all living creatures are part of a never-ending food chain, so why not put that fact to good use and invite some non-invasive and harmless critters into your yard?

Here are a few creatures that could help out in pest control.

1. Cats
Aside from being endearing pets, cats are excellent hunters that gain their skills on instinct. They are carnivorous by nature, which makes it useful when you want to get rid of rodents and other small animals that threaten your property. Cats have always been effective pest control agents, so you might as well drop by your local shelter and adopt one.

2. Dogs
With their excellent sense of smell, dogs can sniff out even the tiniest of pests like bed bugs or carpet beetles. Although dogs require time and effort to take care of, they are willing to help you out in more ways than one. Their uses range from keeping out pests to guarding your home from intruders. They’re also very lovable companions that could give you love and affection for years to come.

3. Frogs
Do you live near a body of water? Perhaps you even have a small pond nearby. If so, you might want to invite some harmless little frogs into your yard, especially if you have an insect problem. Insects are a frog’s natural prey, so having some of these amphibians around could curb the population of pests such as mosquitoes, crickets, and others bugs.

4. Fish
Like frogs, fish do well in curbing the insect population flying around near a body of water such as a pond. Fish can feed on mosquito larvae and other pests that lay their eggs in water. They’re great not only for aesthetics, but also for keeping the number of pests down as well.

5. Snakes
If you’re not easily spooked out, you may want to introduce some harmless, non-venomous snakes into your yard. Black rat snakes and garter snakes are rather docile reptiles that rely on constriction instead of venom to neutralize their prey. They’re great for keeping rodents out and they leave almost zero trace of their own carnage.

While they can’t eradicate pests right away, these animals can be a long term solution to a growing pest problem. All you need to make sure is that they’re not invasive to the local ecosystem and you’re good to go.