Why Pest Control Is Necessary in the Winter

“Bugs die off in the winter” is a common misconception heard in the pest control industry.

While it is true that some insects succumb more easily to winter’s chill, there are definitely quite a few species which are more resilient and resourceful. In fact, some of them may even try to cozy up in your warm home to avoid freezing in the yard. You may not see them, you may not hear them, but they are definitely there.

Take American cockroaches for example. These insects are actually known to be more active in the fall and early winter months. By mid-winter, they usually begin searching for warm places to nest in until spring. They will probably consider places like your attic as prime real estate – warm and easy to get into. To avoid playing host to these unwanted intruders, you’ll need effective outdoor perimeter and attic pesticide treatment.

Termites are another resilient species. They are commonly active all year round, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Termites do not sleep and are always eating. The only real time that they are inactive is when temperatures are below freezing. In these rare occasions, they retreat underground in mud tunnels, only to reemerge and continue their feeding frenzy when conditions improve. If you think your house has termites, it’s important that you act fast. Get the problem under control before these pests do any more damage to your home.

There are also several ant species which are unaffected by winter. During the season, they continue to forage for both food and water. Because there are several species, one particular treatment may not be completely effective. For example, perimeter treatment may be effective for most ground-dwelling species, but may not do much good for ants that frequent gutters and walls. Needless to say, ants living within your walls will be particularly resilient to outside temperatures and will continue to plague your daily winter life.

Aside from the abovementioned insects, several other pests, such as stink bugs, lady bugs, wasps, spiders, earwigs, and rodents will attempt to take up residence in your home to escape the cold. Sealing off all entry points and doing regular pest control treatments in and around your home is crucial to foiling these attempts.

To better understand, consider perimeter treatments as building up a residual barrier around your home and yard. This barrier lasts around two or three months on average. So if you skip winter treatments, the barrier you painstakingly built up from spring to fall will begin to weaken and break down. Once winter is over and insects become more active again, pest control will undoubtedly become more difficult, seeing as the residual effects of the products once applied will be long gone. When pest control companies start working on a new property, it often takes some time before they can truly get things under control. Therefore, skipping winter treatments will essentially mean starting up as a new, unprotected property once again.


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