Everything You Need to Know About Carpenter Ants

Eliminating Carpenter Ants Is a Job for Professional Exterminators

Carpenter ants measure anywhere from just over 3mm to 13mm long, making them some of the largest ants found across the United States. They live both indoors and outdoors and love moist wood, especially when it is decaying or hollowed out. Left untreated, carpenter ants can build several colonies that create intense structural damage.

Have You Observed:

  • Tunnelling lines in wood floors or around doors and windows?
  • Rough bits of wood and shavings that appear for no reason?
  • Rustling noises which could be the sound of ants moving around?
  • Seen large black ants or flying ants in or around your home or business?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then you could be at risk for having carpenter ants. Call our office now to set up a time for us to come out and inspect your home or business. Let us protect you before it’s too late.

Carpenter Ants Are Not Regular House Ants or Termites.

Sometimes carpenter ants are confused with house ants or termites. Termites establish their colonies outdoors and visit the inside of a home or business to eat the wood. Carpenter ants, unlike termites or regular house ants, chew up wood and then spit it back out, leaving piles of wood shavings and sawdust behind.

Our plans to eliminate carpenter ants from your property are not only safe for humans, but also for pets and wildlife. These eco-friendly measures create the least disturbance possible to make sure your schedule goes on as planned while your homes, businesses, and the lands surrounding them retains their pre-existing aesthetic appearances.

Can I Use Over the Counter Products to Eliminate Carpenter Ants?

You may be tempted to try over the counter products to kill carpenter ants in your home. Unless you know the location of the colony, however then you might be throwing money into temporary solutions. If you notice more than half a dozen carpenter ants in an indoor area that lacks food then it’s likely an indoor nest exists.

The best way to find and eliminate carpenter ants is to find and attack their colonies. This not only gets rid of existing pests, but it reduces the risk of being plagued by future generations of the insects. Our technicians have the training and experience to help you achieve this goal.

Can I Use Ant Baits to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in My Home?

Ant baits might provide a temporary solution to carpenter ant problems in Northern Texas, but the only real way to get rid of the pests once and for all is to find and take out the colony. Once the colony is eliminated, the moisture conditions that attracted carpenter ants to your home or business must be resolved to prevent their return.