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Dear McKinney Area Homeowner,

My name is Josh Hopewell. I’m co-owner/president of Quick Sumo Pest Control here in McKinney. We’re a full service termite and pest control business dedicated to helping homeowners just like YOU protect their homes and property from unwanted pests such as termites, roaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs, scorpions, rats, mice, etc.

If you’re reading this message right now it’s probably because you have an infestation of some unwanted pest…or maybe you just have a question…and you’re trying to find someone you can trust to give you an honest answer. If that’s the case, please keep reading and allow me to tell you more about why you should call Quick Sumo Pest Control.

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is the most valuable possession you own. You certainly want to protect it from damage and contamination from pest infestations.

  • You want to hire a pest control company you can TRUST to do the job RIGHT.
  • You want someone who will get there ON TIME and get rid of your pest problem FAST.
  • You want to pay a FAIR PRICE and not one penny more.
  • You want a GREAT GUARANTEE and know that the company will stand behind it 110%.
  • You want to know that, if you ever do have a problem or even a simple question, the owner of the company will be just ONE PHONE CALL AWAY at all times, 24 hrs. and day, 7 days a week (even if I am on vacation)
  • You want to be treated with the utmost COURTESY and RESPECT at all times.
  • You want to know that the treatment methods and procedures are going to be SAFE for you, your family and your pets.

I you answered YES to the above questions, you have come to the right place because that is the way we do business.


What we give you that others can’t:

  • We have an entomologist (bug scientist) on staff 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week who is always only one phone call away to advise us on any pest situation we might encounter at your home
  • You will get the very same technician each and every time to do your service (we don’t send a different person each time like some of the large national corporate pest companies do).
  • We arrive on time every time
  • We have a GUARANTEE that is UNMATCHED by any of our competitors

Our Exclusive NO BULL, NO RISK, 100% SATISFACTION “MAKE YOU HAPPY” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: “If you hire us to get rid of your bugs and, at the end of 30 days, you are not 100% HAPPY, we’ll come back and retreat your home for FREE. And we’ll keep on treating it for FREE until you tell us you’re happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you paid for the original treatment…PLUS…WE’LL PAY YOU an additional $25.00 for your time and trouble!”

(You won’t find another pest control company that would even think of offering such a guarantee.)

Bottom Line: I want to be YOUR BUG MAN!  I just want the chance to PROVE to you that we are the best at what we do. I want to show you why our customers love us and never leave us unless they die or move away.

My personal pledge to you is simple…you will be 100% HAPPY or you won’t pay a penny…period.  That’s just the way we do business.  Always have and always will.

So…if you have a question about termites, roaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, rats, mice or any other pest…or simply a question…call Quick Sumo Pest Control at 214-334-1466 and ask for me, Josh Hopewell, co-owner/president I’ll be happy to speak with you any time!

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE,


P.S. Consultation is always FREE, so give us a call today at 214-334-1466. And don’t forget to ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!


Most pest control companies can kill bugs – but, many only treat the perimeter of your home. This leaves plenty of room for pests to continue living in comfort, breeding, and eventually making their way back into your home. At QUICKSUMO PEST CONTROL we offer more. When you sign up for our premium subscription, we will treat your entire property to properly break the pest life cycle and perform proper pest control on your home.


Our pest control program at QUICKSUMO has been created by our own board certified Entomologists and is guaranteed to provide you the most effective pest control on the market. We use the most advanced products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Termite Protection and Prevention
  • Mosquito Treatments
  • Bedbug Treatments
  • Rodent Baiting, Trapping, & Exclusions

McKinney Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Service in McKinney

FAST PEST CONTROLOur most popular program is our bi-monthly pest control service. The program starts with our initial treatment  to help flush out current pests in the home and in hiding areas. To fully break the life cycle of current pests including eggs, larva, pupa/nymphs, and adults, QUICKSUMO will return within 30-45 days to start your regular pest control maintenance. This maintenance program helps prevent unwanted pests that have been eliminated from entering back into the home.


“We had another pest control service but decided to try QUICKSUMO pest control services. On their first visit they did a thorough inspection and found pests that we did not even know we had. They actually found 2 black widows in our garage…and we were using another service! We were impressed and felt they went above and beyond what we expected from a pest control company. We have been using them now for over a year and have always been satisfied with the quality of service.”

“Mice in our attic – not anymore. These guys are the best pest control company I’ve ever used. Fast and friendly every time they come to our house. Thanks for keeping us pest free!” – Walter Leafman

“This is an awesome, family owned company that really cares about what they do. Fast service, friendly techs, and a great locally owned pest control company. We love Quick Sumo!” – Sarah Pakston

“The service they gave us was prompt, professional and very affordable! It is important for us to feel comfortable with contractors we allow in our house, and we felt very comfortable with everyone at Quick Sumo, from the office staff to the technician! Thank you very much!” – Steve Havard

“QuickSumo takes care of our home and our business. We love this pest control company. Their technician is always on time, friendly, and quick. We’ve never used any other pest control company since moving to McKinney because we’re so happy with QuickSumo.” – Glen Murphey

“QuickSumo Pest Control did a great job on our home. We live in the country and struggle to keep insects under control. But since we have hired QuickSumo, we have noticed a real improvement in our insect issue.” – David Holeman

“This is a great pest control company. We had critters in our attic and were battling ants for months. They have a great team that knows their stuff.” – Steve Schrader

“Sumo Pest control goes above and beyond to help customers. When they treat your house you see great results.” – Architectural Roofing Company

“I know the team at QuickSumo Pest Control very well. We trust them with our home and highly recommend them for any pest control issues you may be having. We also love supporting local, family owned, McKinney businesses so give them a call.” – Kyle Thompson

“Service Excellence – Enjoyed meeting Jordan and especially Greg. What a great team they are!! Thanks for the help! Now my family and I can relax knowing that your team is here to handle our unfortunate rodent issues. Thanks again Jordan and Greg!” – John E

“Great company! Quicksumo is quick, dependable and honest. Jillian will always go the extra mile to make sure you understand your issues and any concerns. Will hire again!!” – Adam F

“These people have always given good service. I have never had a problem with pest when using this company. Thank you very much for your considerate service.” – Cathey M

“I so appreciated Greg’s kind helpfulness when I needed an inspection of a mattress in order to return it. I have found them to be very friendly in all my dealings with them. Thank you Quick Sumo!” – Debra Woodward

“Cindy is awesome, she is always friendly & very efficient. I enjoy her as our technician. Keep up the great work Cindy!!! :)” – Diana DiMarzo-Wasneuski

“Jordan and his team will take care of all your needs. They are super knowledgeable and honest. I refer them to all my clients.” – Andrea Morales

“Cindy is a great tech…one of the best we have ever used in services. Please don’t ever leave us!! Thanks! ” – Jessica Lynn Johnson

“Been using QuickSumo since May 2016. Always great service.” – Angel Hargrove

“Excellent service. Jordan and Chris were prompt and explained all of the steps and products used. Great pricing compared to local and national competitors.” – Jay Ho-Mess

Call today at 214-334-1466 and become one of our happy customers. And don’t forget to ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!